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Sourceree's September Newsletter

September 2021@2x-1

In our September 2021 SHIELDWatch Newsletter, we look at just a few of the many countries in Africa as a way to start shaping our view of the diverse impact this region has on the global economy. Many initiatives, including the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) depend on an understanding of the economic differences between each country to determine their overall impact on global supply chain and foreign investment. In our first article, the US Geological Survey’s data on bauxite stores and the global refineries dependent on them provides insight into the impact of Guinea’s coup and transitional government on the global aluminum supply chain. The concerns about a shortage have been critical enough for the Chinese government to publicly take a side in the internal affairs of another country – calling for the end of the coup and reinstatement of the previous Presidency. The second article looks at the recovering economy of South Africa, moving faster than originally expected, carried by close trading relations with both the US and China. Following that, the UN looked at African nations’ economic recovery prospects following COVID-19 as a whole, identifying the role foreign investment would play in the economies that depend on commodities, labor, or tourism for GDP. In the final article, the China Africa Institute examines the impact of foreign investment from different parties – specifically the World Bank and China – and how the emphasis on loans to specific sectors, such as infrastructure and transportation, expands overall global supply chain engagement.

-Adam Murphy, Sourceree President

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