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Sourceree combines the power of its analysis and development teams to provide a monthly newsletter highlighting focused key industry movements and news. Monthly focuses are determined through our next level trend analysis and often compliment our ever expanding Shield reports library.  

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Sourceree's October Newsletter

October 2021@2x

In our October 2021 SHIELDWatch Newsletter, we look to the future of commerce as the world begins to recover from the global pandemic. Businesses are reopening production, people are returning to work, and demand is higher than ever. In our first article, the International Energy Agency explores the effects of economic recovery on global energy demands - most notably the severe increase of fossil fuels to power reopening production facilities. As vaccines become more accessible, workers are returning to manufacturing and rebuilding supply chains. The increase of renewable energy sources seen over the last year simply cannot keep up with the drastic pace. The second article looks at the Phase One Agreement between the United States and China. During the beginning of 2020, China agreed to approximately $200 billion in purchases by the end of 2021. To date, China has fulfilled only 62-69 percent of their obligation, which begs the question of how will China make up for this deficit, and what will happen if they do not? Following that, the American Action Forum highlights the tariffs put into place during the Trump Presidency, and how they remain in effect today. These tariffs have vastly increased the cost of production as supply chains are unable to shift away from suppliers who have raised commodity prices to cover the tariff rates. In our fourth article, Carbon Brief examines the rising demand for coal in China, which indicates and increase in production, but also draws attention to the political side of the equation. In previous years, China imported a majority of their coal from Australia. But China has since cut ties with Australia over their support of an investigation into China’s handling of the Coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan Province. Our final article turns to the labor statistics of the United Kingdom, as the nation attempts to re-open, they face a shortage of workers, even with the highest number of pay-rolled employees ever seen. The global economy is coming back online, but supply chains are far from set, or even stable at this point. And finally, we include an excerpt from Sourceree’s upcoming Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) Spatial Information Corridor full report, watch for it to be published soon!

-Adam Murphy, Sourceree President

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