RYSK is the latest innovative development and new product from the Sourceree Team.  It is a location-based threat awareness app developed for the Department of Defense - available on both Apple and Android soon!  It uses worldwide intelligence from our commercial partner WorldAware, to provide real-time and interactive threat information.  


Imagine Google maps, but telling you where the bad areas of town are to stay out of.  In addition to threat zones, it provides real-time alerts of events that are close to you (or watch areas you choose).  So whether it’s a fire at the metro stop, a bombing near work, or general awareness of nationwide protests, it sends an alert to your phone.  


Additionally, it provides worldwide intelligence, so if you are traveling to a new country, you can see the threats as well as other information such as local customs; how to interact with locals and what might be illegal that you don’t know about. 


The RYSK app development has been done as a moonlighting effort because Sourceree feels very strongly about the mission of this tool.