Shield Shield

Sourceree's SHIELD commercial line includes an evolving array of business intelligence reports encompassing global supply chains, logistics, manufacturing and investment firms.  These commercial reports contain intelligence for any organization looking to acquire, partner with or do business with such firms.  These reports cover all territories and supply chains.  The same process that develops these reports can be tasked to produce business intelligence reports for a client’s critical suppliers.  


  • Business intelligence reports on current suppliers including their key managers, ownership, business history, partnerships, and greater business network 

  • On-going analysis of trends, patterns and events that might impact a client’s operations 

  • Provide actionable insights useful for procurement, legal, and contract negotiations/decisions 


Sourceree’s SHIELD program is a comprehensive supply chain risk management (SCRM) solution designed to help those involved in the acquisition, procurement and maintenance of platforms, devices, and systems. 

Belt & Road
A report on China's Trade Superhighway.

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