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Who is Sourceree and what do they do?

Hey there!  Ever wonder what Sourceree really does?  What “Sourceree” even means Us too.  Just kidding, we have a pretty good idea But please pour yourself a coffee first if that’s your thing because we’re about to break it down for you.  It took roughly 14 cups of coffee to write this.  That’s an estimate though – if you partner with us, we promise to provide actual analysis and data to support it.  Speaking of analysis…we hope that you are reading this on Monday at 11AM or Thursday at 9AM because that’s when Google says we should post this to garner your attention.  Do you want to snooze this and read it later?  No, ready now?

Ok, let’s start with this. Have you ever thought:

  • If only I had X then I would be able to do Y better…
    • to make my job easier and/or
    • to provide my customer a better experience.
  • This software application is ok, but it really needs updated.
  • We need someone to develop/maintain a software application, but unfortunately do not have the resources on staff.
  • I have a problem and I have no idea how to solve it.
  • I have an idea for a mobile app. I don’t know if it’s being done already or if it’s worth pursuing, but I just do not know where to start.
  • I need small business support to meet contract workshare requirements.
  • I want to better understand our supply chain. Is it reliable? Can it be improved?
  • How does my organization leverage AI and all the data we have?
  • I am concerned about the cyber security of my business and whether my assets are safe and secure.

Sourceree can help with all of these and more.  We are a registered Small Business, cleared to do work for the U.S. Government, are passionate about helping the Department of Defense protect and defend our country, and thoroughly enjoy helping small and large organizations (non-government and government) do the things they cannot do themselves.  Our goal quite simply is to help you in the most efficient way, with the latest innovation (I know it’s a buzz word, but it’s true), and we honestly have fun while doing it.  You might not believe that last part, or any of it I suppose because this is sort of like an interview and we’re going to tell you everything you want to hear.  But seriously, beware, if you want to do work with us then there’s a 99% chance that we are going to be friends too.


Adam Murphy, President

It’s important that you know our values.  If you value the same things we do then we should probably do work together, right?  We value many things so the list could go on and on, but ultimately these are our Top 3.

  • Embrace innovation and challenge the status quo.
  • Deliver quality work throughout constant communication.
  • Create a culture where people enjoy coming to work and what they do.

Next very important thing to discuss…I know you’re on the edge of your seat waiting to hear where we pour our heart, soul, and caffeinated energy intoWe have 2 primary focus areas at Sourceree.  If we didn’t “specialize” then we would be off attempting to design clothes that fit better, build custom cabinetry, and/or solve world hunger.  Would really love to do all of those and will never say never, but ultimately we know stretching ourselves thin goes against our desire to be helpful, efficient, and provide quality work 


Sourceree Niche Capabilities



That said though, there is no idea we will not entertain.  We’ll deep dive into our focus areas in future blogs.  We don’t want to lose you now!  Did you know the typical human attention span is 8.25 secondsStill here reading?  Wow, love your attention span.  Here is one of our 4-legged employees, the head office greeter and lead fetcherWe may or may not be including this photo to re-captivate your attention for a little longer

Screenshot 2023-09-21 125344Harley


Just a little more about how we make the magic 

Buddy Up for Big Wins: Think of us as your mission buddies. We team up with you to learn all about your goals, challenges, and top-secret stuff.  This helps us cook up exactly what you need! 

Custom-Made Tech Magic:  Ok, so you know how your needs are unique?  Our tech wizards understand your needs and create special software just for you.  It's like a tailored garment that fits perfectly – it makes your work smoother, decisions smarter, and time spent wiser. 

Locking Down the Fort:  Safety first, right?  We take that seriously.  Your sensitive info is like a treasure, and we guard it with top-notch security.  No leaks on our watch! 

Tech Wizardry Unleashed:  Ever heard of machines doing some thinking?  We use cool new tech like AI and smart computers to help you see the future (well, almost).  This AI stuff blows our minds too, as we are seeing it rapidly transform businesses in all areas. 

Swift Moves, Quick Changes:  Things change fast, and we get it.  Our super flexible ways mean we can adapt to new ideas or challenges faster than a superhero in a comic book. 

We've Got Your Back, Always:  Once we're done creating tech wonders, we will not leave you hanging. We'll teach you how to use it like a pro, and we can help maintain it to keep anything from going wonky. 

Bottom line:  Sourceree is your partner in tech awesomeness. We're like your personal tech chefs, whipping up the perfect solutions for your organization’s mission.  So, if you are ready to make your tasks smoother, decisions smarter, and operations cooler, team up with Sourceree – your shortcut to mission success! 


Did we leave anything out that you may want to know?

  • Formed in 2010, originally as the Murphy Technology Group, Inc. until learning that name was a tongue twister with an incredibly long email address.
  • Officially doing business as (DBA) Sourceree in 2016
  • Currently in the process of moving our Headquarters to downtown Johnstown, PA!
  • We thrive on the perks of being a small business
    • Personalized service 
    • Incredibly agile
    • Personal relationships

If you want to learn more, ask a question, meet for coffee or food (we LOVE food), play with our 4-legged employee, and/or stop by our new office if you’re in the area – then PLEASE reach out!  We would really like to meet you.


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