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Managing risk in supply chains is of great concern to those involved in the acquisition, procurement and maintenance of platforms, devices and systems.  What kinds of disruptions can be expected?  Who will be doing the disrupting?  What is the goal of the disruption?  What is the potential risk?  Who makes up a supply chain?


Sourceree’s SHIELD program is a comprehensive supply chain risk management (SCRM) solution designed to help answer questions about supply chains and risks. 

  • SHIELDSquad: analytical support.

  • SHIELDIntel: business intelligence reports on critical suppliers.

  • SHIELDVision: a software platform for on-demand supply chain risk assessments and financial intelligence data.


Guess what!

Soon, you will be able to purchase a subscription to SHIELDVision online! 

SHIELD provides a holistic approach to CFIUS analysis, not only recommendations to approve or deny a foreign investment.

SHIELDSquad performs analysis identifying foreign companies building a business in the United States from scratch, typically through masked investments or imports.

SHIELDSquad conducts industry-wide supply chain assessments of organizations or industries determining the risk foreign entities pose on National Security, then provides a recommended course of action to mitigate any threats.

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